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Maybe the Survivor's Daughter Could Survive

The New York Times

The End of Poker Night


(Notable Mention in Best American Essays 2020)

My Building’s Protocol, Altered in a Flash

The New York Times


Cancer Envy

The Washington Post 

Tomorrow’s Pain Will Come Soon Enough  

The Washington Post

Chemo Took My Hair But Not My Agency

Oprah Daily

The Quiet Last Days of My Mother's Life

Purple Clover


Why I Went Gray

The Forward 

The Threat

Mr. Beller's Neighborhoo


The Rise of the Vintage Readers' Book Club 

The ASCO Post  (with Jimmie Holland and Christian Nelson)


The Immigrants' Daughter Learns a Lesson

Mr Beller's Neighborhood 


Our Destructive Fear of Aging 

What to Expect When You're Expecting—a Mastectomy


From White Coat to Blue Gown


Improving the Human Side of Cancer Care

The Huffington Post 


Boy Mom


The Clock on the Wall: On Dying, Denying and the Search for Hope


In Between the Pieces


Home, Safe in Bed

Los Angeles Times



(In M. Lewis (Ed.), DIRT: The Quirks, Habits and Passions of Keeping House.  Seal Press.


The Whole Other Me’gillah

The House on Crash Corner


The Mom Egg


The Last Visit, or Just Being on Broadway, 

The Invisible Profession 

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